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Japanese Oil Massage

Japanese Oil Massage is a famous, “oil-based” of massage, which means lotions or oils are used when massaging the body. A gentle but firm pressure improves the circulation of the blood inside the body.

Masseuses using this Japanese Oil Massage use longer massage strokes, together with gentler movements on some superficial muscle layers of the body. This technique actually in the foundation of some other massage therapies, such as aromatherapy and deep tissue massages.

Rate: £100/hour


Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Japanese Shiatsu Massage is a therapeutic massage discovered in Japan. It is quite similar to some forms acupuncture massages, but with Shiatsu the therapist simply makes use of his or her fingers – the term “Shiatsu” actually comes from “shi” which means fingers and “atsu” which means pressure. The therapist applies pressure to energy paths in the body, known as the meridians.

Rate: £100/hour


Chinese Relaxation Massage

Chinese Relaxation Massage involves the manipulation of muscle tissues in the shoulders, neck and back. A wide array of techniques are employed including both soothing and gentle motion and also firm manipulation. The deepest tissues are massaged using quality massage oil.

This is a very relaxing and comforting massage, as the various techniques help revive muscle tensions stressed by a busy working lifestyle. The massage can be tailored to address particular concerns, so before you start, tell your therapist whether it is your neck, shoulder or back that needs particular work.

Rate: £100/hour


Full Body Oil Massage

A Full Body Oil Massage is a relaxing and soft massage that uses natural oils and gentle techniques. It is a technique that effective at relieving general tension and strain – the oil applied to your muscles leaves you feeling pampered, comforted and refreshed. The massage can also ease pain in the joints. Any massage oil is absorbed easily, leaving the skin silky and smooth.

This massage seeks to promote general well-being and health for any of those who go into this massage treatment. 

Rate: £100/hour


Special Designed For You

We can design a massage specially you. The massage would be tailored to meet your unique needs, and would involve a combination of two or more of the techniques described above customized to meet your preferences. For example, you could have Chinese Relaxation Massage on your troublesome shoulder, then Japanese Shiatsu Massage to promote general health. Or an oil massage, starting out as Japan Oil Massage to aid circulation, then finishing as a Full Body Oil Massage for general well-being and heath. The choice is yours!

Rate: £100/hour


4 Hands Japanese Massage

A 4 Hands Japanese Massage features a synchronized massage carried out by 2 trained professionals. Get 4 hands massage service london to feel energetic. The massage aims to lead you into your better and more relaxed state – falling asleep is acceptable and is even encouraged! Upon waking, you will be amazed at how relaxed you feel.

Rate: £200/hour


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a type of therapy which is used to treat Muscles problems. Deep Tissue Massage is the best way to stretch your Muscles and it will refresh your body. Book an appointment with us to get the Deep Tissue Massage.

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