Chinese Relaxation Massage


Unlike other massage services that are only offering relaxation or pampering, Chinese Relaxation Massage is offering more as it somehow adds a deep tissue massage that helps stimulate the body from within. The entire massage session will help the client feel better as it improves the circulation of blood and the energy that is also called as qi. What makes it more unique is the fact that it compasses other massage services like the following:

  • Amno or the massage requiring press and rub

This is the type of massage that is meant for health maintenance and rejuvenation.

  • Tuina or a massage needing push and grasp

If you need a massage treatment for muscle problems, joint injuries, and internal disorders, then Tuina is a the sophisticated medical massage you need to take. This is called as Tuina.

  • Infant Tuina

There are massage treatments that are only meant for adults and there are also those that are meant for young children and babies. Infant Tuina is a Chinese standard treatment for babies for certain health problems.

  • Dian Xue or point press

This is a massage that uses simple pressure techniques and is somehow similar to the technique for acupressure.

  • Wai Qi Liao Fa or curing of the external qi or energy

It is a massage that focuses on the healing of any health problems with the direct transmission done by qigong masters after decades of discipline and rigorous training.

When you choose to get Chinese Relaxation Massage, you will not have to think about specific treatments meant for specific ailments you feel. This massage offers wide range of benefits that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Easing any for of emotional stress
  • Curing conditions related with internal organs
  • Relieving any chronic pain
  • Increasing the flexibility in joint and improving posture
  • Improving the performance of athletes
  • Strengthening the resistance of the body from any disease
  • Maintaining one’s wellness and overall functioning to prevent the development of any disease
  • Removes scar tissue
  • Stimulate proper blood circulation and regulates nervous system
  • Speeds up the healing of any injuries as well as clears bruises faster


Provided that you get all of these benefits, you are sure to have more reasons why you should get Chinese Relaxation Massage regularly. Setting up an appointment even once a week can help in correcting the circulation of energy in your body and relieve any pain or any discomfort in any part of your body.

What makes this massage service more interesting and more convenient with other massage service is the fact that it can be done either when you are lying or when you are seating. Most of the time our masseuse will let you lay in bed to ensure that all pressure points are given the pressure needed.

Since we can offer a private massage session, you can enjoy this service privately as your masseuse will let you lay down with your private parts covered. This will let our masseuses have more pressure applied on problem areas and let you gain the benefits of this massage service. Enjoy our services for £100 an hour.

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